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ID by the amazing AliceKaninchenbau Thank you so much.

What Element Of Harmony Are You?
What Element Of Harmony Are You?
Hosted By Anime
1)Pick 5-10 characters
2) Don't change the questions
3) Let your OC's answer, not you (roleplay it if you wish)
4) Tag 5-10 people to do the meme (if you want)
5)Have fun!


1. Akari
2. Evol
3. Yasuo
4. Kitten


1. First off, please introduce yourself! Name, Age, Gender and anything else you'd like to add.

Akari: Yo! Name's Akari!... I'm thirteen years old and a girl, got a problem with all of that?
Evol: Euuuuuuuuuugh. I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS. FINE.  I'm Evol. My age is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS and my gender isn't any of your business either
Yasuo: Hey there! I'm Yasuo! Uhm. I'm thirteen years old and I'm also a girl! Wow! I think we're all girls here! Neato!
Kitten: Oh hello! <333 I'm Kitten <3 I'm... too old for you, and a pretty girl, of course <3

2. That was interesting. Now, who in this meme do you find most attractive?
Akari: ......Between Demon kid, Twitchy, and the queen of sluts over there? None of them, duh.
Evol: WHAAAAT DID YOU SAY? Ugh. never mind. Ugh. I don't care, one of them.
Yasuo: Uhhh... I'm not into girls, but I guess I'd go with Kitten
Kitten: Everyooonnne! 

3. Now how would you rate that person, on a scale from 1-10, 1 being the worst, 10 being the best. (This is relating to question 2)
Akari: Tch. 
Evol: I don't wanna
Yasuo: How about 8?
Kitten...JUST 8? </3
Yasuo.. Okay 10
Kitten: Much better! I give you ALL ten <3

4. If you could swap genders for a day, would you? If yes, what would you do?
Akari: Heh. Sure, I'd to it for longer than a day. As far what I'd do, whatever I wanted >: P
Evol: Eeugh. I DON'T CARE D:< 
Yasuo: Oooh that sounds like fun! Uh. I'd go around tricking people as a male! Or maybe, I'd go around making girls really really happy! Or... I don't know, but it sounds cool!
Kitten: Oh heavens no </3! I like being just Kitten way better. 

5. Would you tell us something that no one knows about you?

Akari: Tch. I don't keep try to keep secrets... but I guess I might have forgotten to tell my dad I steal money from him.
Evol: Euughuh....I like.....soft things.... <///<
Yasuo: OH UHM. I...I...What don't I tell people? Hmm... I allergic to walnuts : D Does that count?!~
Kitten: Ahaha. <3

6. Okay now lets see what's on your history of your computer!
Akari: Don't you DARE touch my computer, got it? (Hamtaro, sports stuff,  hamtaro everywhere)
Evol: What is a computer? 
Yasuo: Oh! I don't have a computer!
Kitten: ....<3 Dress shopping websites!

7. How about your phone now? Lets see what contacts, images and applications you have...

Akari: Fine. Jeeze, if you REALLY want to know.  Dad, and mom on speed dial because I got to, my friends Max, Sebastian, Rachel, Richard, and much more.  on speed dial as well. Pictures of my friends, and sports teams, as for apps? Just stuff, okay?  
Evol: Eeeeugh. I don't have any of these or know what they are, but you're getting invasive and I don't like it D:<
Yasuo: Uh. Sorry. I don't have any of these things! Sorry~!
Kitten:  Ooh. I have my brother, the king, Gabriel, Crimson, Jonas, Hunnei, and Tommy!  

8. Is there anything you absolutely adore or love?

Akari: Oooh! Good question now! You wanna know what I love? Sports! Any kind!
Evol: Pft. I don't love anything but myself! (North, Shiro, Pears) STOP THAT
Kitten: Let's see here, I love my brother, my job, and my friends, and dresses. 

9. How about hate or despise? 
Akari: My dad, grown ups in general. But who needs them, right?
Evol: Everything U:<
Yasuo: ...............I ....I don't know.
Kitten: People who are mean to make, or make me sad :3

10. Now share with us what your hobbies are!
Akari: Heh. Sports, running around making a nuisance of myself, graffiti art 
Evol: I like to collect rocks >:3
Yasuo: Ooh! I like to... do...uh... everything!
Kitten: Dress shopping!

11. Interesting...Now describe your most interesting experience.

Akari: Uhm. Going to a this stupid school on an island away from my friends, family, interests, hopes, goals, dreams, mother, and forced to be watched over by my good for nothin' father. 
Evol:... It's a long story... but being turned into a demon-pet
Yasuo: Meeting Vincent was the most interesting thing in my life! I've never met someone so awesome!
Kitten: ...Heheheh...I'd rather not talk about it. 

12. What is your dream job? What do you find fun about it?
Akari: Pro. boxer! Getting to beat up people and get away with it, duh! Oh or maybe a  vigilante, that'd be pretty hype. 
Evol: Neh. Nothing really. I'm good, thanks.
Yasuo: Oh! I want to be a painter! Such pretty colors, I wish I could paint really well!
Kitten: Honey, I'm already living my dream job!

13. If you only had one wish, what would it be?
Akari: That I didn't have to attend my dads island
Evol: That I could erase my past, I guess.
Yasuo: Ooh. I would wish that Vincent could have my wish!
Kitten: Heheh. I'd rather not say <3 Save it for a rainy day!

14. Are you Uke, Seme, or Seke?

Akari: Uh. Gross. No. (Uke)
Evol: Seme >:3 <3
Yasuo: Uhh. Seke?
Kitten: Uh. Seme, of course <3

15. Now that makes me wonder, what's your sexuality?
Akari: Gross pervert. Heterosexual
Evol: Heterosexual, stupid.
Yasuo: Uhhh. Straight!
Kitten: Boys <3

16. If everyone was to die in this meme, and the only way to save everyone is to sacrifice one, who would each of you vote out as a sacrifice?
Akari: Uhm. How about the grown up, she's lived her life. 
Evol: WHAAAT?!
Akari: I wasn't talking about you?
Kitten: What </3?
Yasuo: .....I'll do it, if it means you guys get to live, if it helps.

17. So...Do you still sleep with a night light?

Akari: Uh. No.
Evol:..... What?
Yasuo: Nope! I'm not scared of the dark!
Kitten: But the dark is fun, why would you use a Night light? 

18. Well that was good to know...Now if you had to chose the way you died, how would you?
Akari: Plane crash, would be awesome!
Evol: In my sleep <<
Yasuo: Uhhhhh. In my sleep too! Or of old age!
Kitten: I don't have to worry, I'll never die <3

19. Well it's now the end of the meme! How do you feel?

All: Relieved. 

20. Tagging time:

All: We tag..... ALL OF YOU. 

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